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A Guide To Business Card Dimensions

One of the things that you need to look out for when making your business cards or buying business card stock is the business card dimensions. The aim of this article is to discuss the various types of business card dimensions that are available all over the world after which time you should be equipped with the knowledge needed to make your own business cards.

The Importance Of Adhering To Business Card Dimensions

Business cards are a means of putting your business on the map and spreading the word about what your business or service has to offer. This is commonly carried out by handing out business cards at meetings and conferences etc. It is an extremely effective way of exchanging personal contact information as a business card can hold a lot of essential information.

You can choose to have either both sides of the business card to be printed or only one side. There are many free business card templates that are easily available and you can also choose to have your business cards custom made to suit your individual taste.

However before any designing can be carried out, business card dimensions are something that needs to be considered first and foremost. You see if the business card dimensions are not of the correct size, then it will not be possible to fit the business cards into the average wallet or business card case and it will then be very difficult to bring them around wherever you go.

Business Card Dimensions In The US

Business card dimensions in the United States typically measure 3.5 x 2in, the same as in Canada. If there is a bleed used (a slight margin around the edge of the business card) then the business card dimensions will be slightly larger measuring 3.6 x 2.1in.

A bleed is not entirely necessary to have on a business card but it does allow for a design or background to be included on the business card to make it easier on the eye and more attractive.

Business Card Dimensions In Other Parts Of The World

The business card dimensions that are used in the US vary from those in other parts of the world. Here is a rough guide of some of the business card dimensions that are used in other countries:

• United Kingdom and most of Europe - 3.346 x 2.165in
• Australia & New Zealand - 3.54 x 2.165in
• Japan - 3.582 x 2.165in.

Regardless of whether you get a design and print company to create the business cards for you or whether you decide to make your own, it is vitally important that you follow the business card dimensions for the country that you reside in.

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