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A Business Card Holder Is Essential For Every Professional

We all know the importance of having a business card holder. In addition to keeping your business cards clean and organized, a sleek and beautiful business card holder is also a good reflection of your style and status.

The Various Functions Of Business Card Holder

A business card holder or business card case holds your business cards in place and keep them nice and neat. The classic move of placing them on wallets is acceptable, but this can usually accommodate two or three cards at one time. With a business card holder which can easily hold up to 30 or sometimes 45 cards, you can hand out several business cards to prospective clients at one go.

A sleek looking business card holder denotes a higher level of professionalism. In fact, card holders that are personalized with your company’s logo say a lot and they can give a big boost to your company’s name and reputation. If you carry a business card holder that is smart and professional, it creates a good impression on your clients and business partners.

A business card holder is a nice corporate gift that you can consider to give to your clients. There is a wide range of designs and types that you can choose from and perhaps you may even want to have them personalized before giving them to your clients.

Personalizing Your Business Card Holder

You can see many types of designs of business card holder in the market. A typical holder measures 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 2 1/2" and they are often made in either stainless steel or leather. By personalizing a business card holder, it adds a touch of luxury and gives a beautiful impression.

Stainless steel, chrome, brass and pewter card holders can be personalized by engraving the owner’s name on the cover. Leather cases are personalized through two options. The first is through debossing or hot stamping of the characters onto the business card holder and second is through foil stamping.

There are more than 12 standard fonts for the stainless steel, while the number of fonts for leather is rather limited. Some manufacturers also engrave logos on the covers, and this is a good option if coupled with the name. If you purchase your business card holder online, you will probably need to register and upload the logo that you’ll like to appear on the card holder.

If you are looking for a stylish business card holder, you can look up the internet for the different design styles available. Some of them feature retro designs and also notable animal print designs. There are also some that are specifically designed for certain groups of professionals, such as archeologists, lawyers, social workers and so forth.

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