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The traditional business card printer has largely been put out of business by the new wave of the virtual business card printer. The virtual business card printer is a term referring to the vast options available to get your business cards designed, created and printed all via one website from the comfort of your own home.

As with most servicing websites their attraction is convenience for their customers, although the virtual business card printer now supplies some of the highest quality business cards available.

Traditional Business Card Printer

There are still a number of traditional business card printer companies, often operating in larger cities. You can provide them with basic information and they will design, create and print your business cards ready for pick up usually within days. Printing companies with their own graphics department and printing equipment still provide a lot of options and a very high end product.

One thing to beware of is small businesses masquerading as a business card printer. These businesses are taking advantage of free services online and then charging the customer, effectively for something they could do for free themselves. This is fine if the customer is made aware of this, and that they are not actually a business card printer but more a middleman in the whole process. However if they are deliberately trying to hide this fact and pass off someone’s work as their own they are clearly in the business of dishonesty, not business cards.

Online Business Card Printer

In the few seconds it takes to Google ‘online business card printer’, you’ll have a long list of possible websites you could use. There are a few well known and reputable websites that you can easily find.

But if you are concerned about the legitimacy of an online business card printer simply search online for reviews of the website and you’ll find honest consumer feedback. This way you won’t end up making the mistakes in trusting the wrong websites as other people have done.

By doing a quick search like this you can also easily learn about specials and promotions some websites are currently offering. Some websites require you to sign up to be a member (often free) and they will email you about various printing specials they have as they come up. This is a great way to learn more about an online business card printer before going ahead with big orders yourself.

Also remember you can join several of these business card printer websites which will allow you to take advantage of all their specials as they arise. Some may give you the best deal on business cards but not necessarily on your other printing needs.

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