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How To Make Your Own Cheap Business Cards

Most businesses will like to invest some time and money in creating business cards but cost can be a concern, especially for new businesses starting out and trying to keep overheads as low as possible. That’s where cheap business cards come into play.

You don’t have to be a computer expert or a graphic designer to be able to create cheap business cards that look good and professional. All you need is to read through this article and use it as a guide in creating your very own cheap business cards.

Things You Will Need To Create Cheap Business Cards

You are likely to already have most of the things that are required in making your own cheap business cards. In addition, you may want to buy some Avery business card stock as this brand is generally recommended by the companies that make business cards.

In summary, the things you will need before starting your task of creating cheap business cards include:

• A laptop or computer
• Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word
• An inkjet or laser printer
• Avery business card stock

Creating Cheap Business Cards In 5 Easy Steps

1. Go to the start menu on your computer or laptop and from there select ‘all programs’. Look for Microsoft Office and choose Microsoft Word and the program will open.

2. At the very top of the page on Microsoft Word you will see several tabs, click the one that says ‘Tools’. A drop down menu will appear and you will now need to select ‘Letters and Mailings’. From there select ‘Envelopes and Labels’. Depending on which version of Microsoft Office that you are using, the options in front of you may vary a little. From Microsoft Word 2007 onwards you will have to look for ‘Mailings’ then choose ‘Labels’.

3. Under the ‘Labels’ tab you will find a box where you put all of your contact details into. What you choose to put here is totally up to you but most people will enter some or all of the following: company name and contact, postal address, website and email addresses and contact numbers. Save and name your work - you now have created your very own cheap business cards!

4. Place the Avery business card stock into the printer and select ‘print’ on your saved cheap business cards. You will have to go through the printing options and ensure that the right card stock is chosen.

5. Once you have printed out as many cheap business cards as you need, allow them to dry before separating them. To do this, simply tear carefully along the perforated lines.

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