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Cool Business Cards Leave A Lasting Impression

In my opinion, business cards that are worthy of the term ‘cool business cards’ are those which are truly different and stand out from the rest.

It might be because of the plastic or type of glossy card that they are printed on or it could be the image or coloring that makes them cool business cards. It could also be that they are printed on both sides or just simply that they do not follow any kind of ‘rules’ - this alone can make them stand out as cool business cards.

Where To Get Cool Business Cards

You have a few choices when it comes to getting your hands on some cool business cards for your business that will leave a lasting impression. For starters, you can design them yourself if you feel up to the challenge. Simply get your hands on some business card maker software or online templates and let your imagination flow.

Another option for do it yourself cool business cards is to start completely from scratch using Microsoft Word. This method of creating your own cool business cards allows you to be more expressive and create unique yet cool business cards as they have been designed completely off the cuff and without any pre-designed template.

If you are not so adept at creating cool business cards using any of the methods mentioned above, then you could always pay a design and print company to create some for you. This is a more expensive option and you might not be able to have that much input into the creation of your business cards. If you have the time and the ability, I would highly recommend that you give creating your own business cards a go.

Cool Business Cards Make A Great Difference

From personal experience I can vouch that cool business cards definitely leave a lasting impression on one’s current and prospective clients. I am much more likely to hold onto a business card that first of all will fit in my wallet neatly and if it’s a service I am pretty sure I will avail of sometimes in the future. I am much more likely to keep cool business cards than paper or just average looking business cards, because to me they speak a lot about the company’s ethics.

In reality, if a company cannot be bothered to put the time, effort and money into cool business cards then what kind of service should I expect to receive from them? Not one that is value for my money is something that springs to mind.

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